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Super Hot Stamper

Neil Young

  (Item #: youngzuma_2006) 

Our Price: $149.99

  • These Double Plus (A++) sides of Neil's amazingly well recorded 1975 Masterpiece are guaranteed to floor audiophiles and Neil Young fans alike - exceptionally quiet vinyl too
  • Zuma captures a kind of garage band purity that makes practically any other studio album you own sound processed and desiccated in comparison
  • For a hard-rockin' Neil Young album with Demonstration Quality sound, you'll have a hard time finding a better choice than a Hot Stamper pressing of Zuma
  • A Must Own Top 100 Title - just drop the needle on Danger Bird or Cortez the Killer to have your mind blown!
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"In Defense of the Beginner..."

Shootouts Are a Bitch

  (Item #: youngzuma_shootout_letter) 

One of our good customers wrote to tell us of a shootout he conducted a while back. This is his story.


In defense of the beginner audiophile: I am a spoiled owner of many of your Hot Stamper LPs. (So please don’t tell anyone where I live!) You endlessly bash us newbies as not being able to tell the difference in sound between two sides of a record. Fair enough – usually we can’t. In our defense, it is very difficult to tell differences between two sides of an album if BOTH sides sound like s__t! Where I come from this is the norm; two crappy sides.

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Neil Young - Zuma

Our Shootout Winner from 2011

  (Item #: youngzuma_2011) 

A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock Hall of Fame.

The highest rated copy to ever hit the site, with Master Tape Sound on BOTH SIDES! This Reprise pressing has two INCREDIBLE SOUNDING (and QUIET) White Hot A+++ sides. If you are looking for a hard-rockin' Neil Young album that boasts Demonstration Quality sound powerful to blow away just about any rock record in your collection, this is the hot ticket. Everything you could ever wanted from this album is here. It is nothing short of a knockout!

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Neil Young's Guitar Masterpiece

Danger Bird

  (Item #: youngzuma_danger_bird) 

Listen to the way Danger Bird opens. Each instrument, one by one, slowly, deliberately, one could almost say haltingly, feeds into the mix, until the churning guitars give way to Neil's spare vocal -- fatalistic, doomed, already resigned to some fate he barely understands.

Even though the song has just begun, you sense that Neil feels a weight and a darkness bearing down on him, that it's ongoing, that it's already started, that somehow you're coming into it in the middle, well after the weight of it has begun to crush and perhaps even kill him. He knows the story of Danger Bird all too well.

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The Dynamic Energy of Neil Young and His Crazy Horse Pals

They're LIVE in the Studio

  (Item #: youngzuma_listen) 

Another in our series of Random Thoughts and observations on recording-related issues.

Hot Stampers are all about finding those rare and very special pressings that manage to represent the master tape at its best.

Notice I did not say ACCURATELY represent the master tape, because the master tape may have faults that need to be corrected, and the only way to do that is in the mastering phase. I can tell you without fear of contradiction that fidelity to the master tape should never be, and rarely is, the goal of the mastering engineer.

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