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Super Hot Stamper

The Beatles
The White Album

  (Item #: beatlwhite_1806_1809) 

Our Price: $299.99
Sale Price: $249.00 (You save $50.99 / 17%)

  • This British pressing earned outstanding Double Plus (A++) grades on all four sides
  • This copy of the Beatles' double album masterpiece is going to thrill and delight the lucky person who snags it
  • Some of the most powerful and immersive Beatles sound you will ever hear - we guarantee you will be KNOCKED OUT
  • "If there is still any doubt that Lennon and McCartney are the greatest song writers since Schubert, then next Friday - with the publication of the new Beatles double LP - should surely see the last vestiges of cultural snobbery and bourgeois prejudice swept away in a deluge of joyful music making..." Right On!
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The Beatles - The White Album Testimonial

Enlightened (With No Need to Travel to India)

  (Item #: beatlwhite_testimonial) 

This week’s testimonial letter comes from our good customer Robert, who was "enlightened" -- his word, not ours -- by the Hot Stamper pressing we sent him. An excerpt:

This reminds me of a comment somewhere on your site where it is pointed out that hearing a really good pressing of a song you never thought you liked before can suddenly make you a convert. That is definitely the case with this one.

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The Beatles - The White Album

Listening in Depth

  (Item #: beatlwhite_depth) 

Another in our series of Home Audio Exercises with plenty of What to Listen For (WTLF) tips.

It's exceedingly difficult to find audiophile quality sound on The White Album. The Beatles were breaking apart, often recording independently of each other, with their own favorite engineers as enablers, and George Martin nowhere to be found most of the time. They were also experimenting more and more with sound itself, which resulted in wonderful songs and interesting effects. However, these new approaches and added complexity often result in a loss of sonic "purity."

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The Beatles - The White Album

MoFi Debunked

  (Item #: beatlwhite_mfsl) 

Sonic Grade: D

Another MoFi LP debunked.

The last time I played the MoFi I could not believe how ridiculously phony and compressed it was. And to think I used to like their version when it came out back in the '80s!

Take Yer Blues. The MFSL pressing positively wreaks havoc with all the added bass and top end The Beatles put on this track. The MoFi version is already too bright, and has sloppy bass to start with, so the result on this track is way too much BAD bass and way too much BAD spitty 10k-boosted treble, unlike the good imports, which have way too much GOOD bass and treble.

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The Beatles White Album 10 Copy Shootout

"I was near a nervous breakdown."

  (Item #: beatlwhite_testimonial2) 

Our good customer Erik in Germany purchased one of our hottest Hot Stamper White Albums ($700), on German vinyl no less (!) and decided to do his own shootout with the ten -- count ’em, ten -- copies he had on hand.
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