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Super Hot Stamper

Listen Like Thieves

  (Item #: inxs_liste_1910) 

Our Price: $79.99

  • Superb sound throughout with each side earning a sonic grade of Double Plus (A++) and playing on fairly quiet vinyl
  • The Big Rock sound is courtesy of Chris Thomas' production - if you know his work, you know this sound
  • AMG: "INXS completes its transition into an excellent rock & roll singles band with this album."
  • "...with Thomas they "forge an unlikely union between the sonic extremism of Led Zeppelin-style crunch rock and the step-lively beat of disco" such that the album "rocks with passion and seals the deal with a backbeat that'll blackmail your feet.""
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INXS - Kick

Our Shootout Winner from 2017

  (Item #: inxs_kick_2017) 

A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

For a recording from 1987 there is a surprising amount of Tubey Magical Analog sound to be found here. There is almost always a trace of hardness in the loudest vocal parts; that's where the 1987 recording technology raises its head, but the better copies such as this one keep it to a bare minimum.

The copies that were the richest and had the biggest bottom end, without being smeary or dark from a lack of top tended to do the best in our shootout. The copies that lacked weight or lower midrange fullness were most often rejected; rhythmically driven Funk Rock simply doesn't work without plenty of richness and bass.


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Found : 2   Display : 1-2
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