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<br>Neil Young - Greatest Hits<p>Classic Records Debunked</p>

Neil Young - Greatest Hits

Classic Records Debunked

Sonic Grade: F

A Hall of Shame pressing and another Classic Records LP debunked.

MF loved it, we of course hated it, so what else is new? If you think this record sounds good, one thing is certain: you don't own many good sounding Neil Young records! You might not own any, but don't feel bad; not many audiophiles do, if the experience of my audiophile friends is any guide.

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Sku # : younggreat_debunk
Manufacturer : Classic Records Heavy Vinyl

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The average Neil Young record, like the average record by anyone else you care to name, is nothing special. Why should it be? But that certainly doesn't excuse Classic Records' release of this dead-as-a-doornail hack job.

The sound of the Classic vinyl barely passes the laugh test. What does it tell you when Neil Young's CDs (Harvest in particular) sound better than this record in every way?

A good customer of ours recently wrote in:

Dear Tom

Just to let you know my response on Neil Young records (and others)I purchased from BR. Just read your comment:

Which brings up a sore subject: the Classic Records 2 LP set of the Greatest Hits on Heavy Vinyl. The song Comes a Time is on it. Do you think it sounds even remotely as good as it does here? If you do, you don't need Better Records, you need better equipment.

I do have that record, sent it back twice as I thought I got a mis-pressing in view of the terrible sound quality. No luck. Now the only purpose it serves is that the cover is on the wall...

I think I can still further upgrade my equipment, but already for several years I TRULY ENJOY THE SOUND of all those Hot Stampers I got thru your company. Yes they cost something but they do deliver also true joy!


Rens, you are so right!

My question to the Vinyl True Believers of the world is this: Why own a turntable if you're going to play records like these? I have boxes of CDs with more musically involving sound and I don't even bother to play those. Why would I take the time to throw on some 180 gram record that sounds worse than a good CD?

If I ever found myself in the position of having to sell mediocrities like the above in order to make a living, I'd be looking for another line of work. The vast majority of these newly-remastered pressings are just not very good. Check out our Heavy Vinyl Scorecard to read more about the winners and the losers in the world of Heavy Vinyl.

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