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<br>Yes - The Yes Album<p>What We Learned from Our Shootout in 2007</p>

Yes - The Yes Album

What We Learned from Our Shootout in 2007

Some of our oldest customers may remember that we used to prefer the British Originals for this album back in the '90s. There's no other way to say it, folks: We Was Wrong.

While the Brit copies can have some nice qualities, they just can't compete with the very best domestic pressings. No British Original we played rated above a solid A for either side. Based on what we heard in our shootout, we feel VERY confident that the master tapes for this album are in America. There is NO WAY this record is not cut from the master tape. Dubs just don't sound like this.

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Sku # : yes__yesal_wrong
Manufacturer : Atlantic LP

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Yes - The Yes Album

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If you are still under the impression that British bands sound best on British vinyl, this pressing will disabuse of such mystical notions.

Our Hot Stamper Commentary from 2007

The first A Triple Plus As Good As It Gets copy on BOTH sides we have ever played -- Folks, when we say this is as good as it gets, you can take that to the bank. This copy is guaranteed to BLOW YOUR MIND. Since this is Yes's Masterpiece, not to mention their most well-recorded album, that makes it pretty much a Must Own for anyone who loves their groundbreaking and enormously influential approach to the Extended Form. These guys, and by that I mean this particular iteration of the band, the actual players that were involved in the making of this album, came together for the first time and created the "sound" of Yes on this very album, rather aptly titled when you think about it. With the amazing Eddie Offord at the board, as well as the best batch of songs to ever appear on a single Yes album, they produced both their sonic and musical masterpiece -- good news for audiophiles with Big Speakers!

This copy has STUNNINGLY GOOD SOUND ON BOTH SIDES! This Atlantic Red and Green Label LP SLAUGHTERED every British copy we played it against. It's exceptionally transparent and dynamic on BOTH sides, and the bass definition is SUPERB.

Yes Shootout Highlights

Here are the main qualities we listen for when we shootout Yes records:

1. Dynamics - The best copies have amazing dynamics and lots of punch. Some parts of this album should be STARTLING in their power and when they aren't, the copy is missing some of its dynamics. There is a fair amount of compression on this recording in places, don't get me wrong, but many passages of this music have tremendous life and energy on the right copies. Those copies are the ones we describe as dynamic.

2. Smoothness - This album can be very harsh and unpleasant if the upper midrange is boosted at all, or lacks enough lower midrange to balance it out. The last thing in the world that you want to listen to is a bright, harsh Yes record.

3. Bass - Bass definition and weight are CRUCIAL to the sound of this record. The copies that lack bass and tend to sound thin rob this music of its POWER and are downgraded severely for it.

Master Tape Sound

Both sides have MASTER TAPE SOUND! They're rich and full-bodied with lots of punch and plenty of WHOMP. The guitars are tubey-magical with a lovely fluid sound that takes the solos to a whole new level. The transparency is mindblowing -- you can easily pick out each multi-tracked voice and follow it throughout the course of a song. The cymbal crashes are BIG and POWERFUL with correct extension; the tonality here is Right On The Money. There's tons of life, energy, and ambience. The organ and synths sound AMAZING. We rate both sides A+++ - As Good As It Gets (AGAIG)!

This Copy

This copy plays Mint Minus on side one, with a slightly noisy edge, and between Mint Minus and Mint Minus Minus on side two, but side two has some nasty stitches from time to time in the vinyl for the first thirty seconds or so of the side, and a few thumps as well. Quality control wasn't what it should have been back in those days, but somehow they managed to get all the life and energy into the vinyl, something that no current mastering engiineer seems to be able to achieve, so what is the audiophile to do?

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