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<br>The Yardbirds - Roger The Engineer <p>Original Pressing Debunked in 2008</p>

The Yardbirds - Roger The Engineer

Original Pressing Debunked in 2008

Sonic Grade: F

A Hall of Shame pressing. Don't buy into that record collecting / audiophile canard that the originals are always better sounding.

The original British pressing -- true, we only had the one, so take it for what it's worth -- was a poor imitation of what was surely on the master tape, as revealed by the Edsel reissues. Maybe you have a good sounding one, can't say you don't. But we would be very unlikely to spend much money on an original import pressing after hearing this one. And the domestic records we've played were clearly made from dub tapes, so they're a bust too.

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Sku # : yardbroger_original
Manufacturer : EMI

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