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<BR>Ben Webster - And ’Sweets’ Edison<p>Classic Records Repress - Reviewed in the '90s</p>

Ben Webster - And ’Sweets’ Edison

Classic Records Repress - Reviewed in the '90s

Sonic Grade: B?

Probably a fairly good Classic Records jazz album. Both the music and sound are excellent.

The right Columbia pressing will kill it, but it's probably a fairly good value if you can get one for the 30 bucks we used to charge.

Sku # : webstandsw_classic
Manufacturer : Classic Records Heavy Vinyl

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This is a Minty looking Columbia 360 Label LP. As good as the now out of print Classic Records version was, my guess is that this pressing will be clearly superior in terms of warmth, richness, and sweetness. It's been years since I've seen a copy of this album, but I remember liking it very much back in the days when the Classic version was in print.

I've also had a chance to go back and listen to lots of early Columbias like this one and I have been extremely impressed with the naturalness of the sound. I picked up a copy of Time Out recently that was as good as it gets on side one. No heavy vinyl reissue ever sounded like that!

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