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Various Artists - Witches’ Brew on Classic

Whose Idea of an Audiophile Record Is This?

Sonic Grade: F

A Hall of Shame pressing and another Classic Records LP debunked.

I've long held that the Classic Records Heavy Vinyl remaster (scandalously it's on the TAS List of Super Discs) is nothing less than a crime against music lovers and audiophiles of every stripe. Boosting the bass and highs and adding transistory harshness is the last thing in the world Witches' Brew needed.

At the risk of insulting some of you out there, if you think the Classic Records version of this album sounds good, your system must be very dull and bass shy, or you must like really hi-fi-ish sound.

Sku # : variowitch_debunk
Manufacturer : Classic Records Heavy Vinyl

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Debunking the
Sham Audiophile LP

Product Detail

Or you have profound hearing loss. There is no way that this record should ever sound good on a system that's remotely accurate.

I've heard the record played by people attempting to demonstrate the sound of their system which nearly caused blood to run from my ears. All the while they had a big grin on their face, so pleased with the sound. I don't understand how anyone can put up with that kind of sound, but obviously people do, so what can I say? People like lots of things I don't like, and the Classic record is just one more to add to that list.

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