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<br>Ten Years After - A Space In Time<p>Ranking the Most Tubey Magical Rock Recordings</p>

Ten Years After - A Space In Time

Ranking the Most Tubey Magical Rock Recordings

This is some of the best High-Production-Value rock music of the '70s. The amount of effort that went into the recording of this album is comparable to that expended by the engineers and producers of bands like Supertramp, Yes, Jethro Tull, Ambrosia, Pink Floyd and too many others to list. It seems that no effort or cost was spared in making the home listening experience as compelling as the recording technology of the day permitted.

Big Production Tubey Magical British Rock & Roll just doesn't get much better than A Space in Time.

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Sku # : tenyeaspac_tubeymagic
Manufacturer : Columbia Records

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