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<br>Tchaikovsky - Serenade for Strings</i> - Munch</i><p>A Cisco Recommended LP</p>

Tchaikovsky - Serenade for Strings - Munch

A Cisco Recommended LP

Sonic Grade: B

This Cisco 180 gram LP has Very Good sound. The original Shaded Dogs tend to be warmer and sweeter, but also more compressed and a bit smeary. This pressing is alive and present, although the string tone can be a bit steely at times. If you have a warm, tubey system this record may just be the ticket. If your system leans toward the dry and analytical, this is not the record for you.

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More of the music of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)

Sku # : tchaiseren_cisco
Manufacturer : Cisco

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Be that as it may, the PERFORMANCE IS KING HERE -- one of the best ever recorded, more powerful and more emotional than any I know. This orchestra is on fire with this stirring music. If you haven't heard Munch's definitive performance, you haven't really heard the Serenade for Strings. This is your chance to hear string playing that will have you sitting up in your chair, transfixed by the energy and enthusiasm of the Boston Symphony strings.

"Also included here is Elgar's Introduction and Allegro for Strings. All pieces are conducted by Charles Munch, leading the strings of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

"Sweeping, solemn and romantic, Munch brings a vibrancy and respect for both works on this LP that make for a rousing listening experience." - Cisco Music

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