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<h4>Hot Stamper</h4><h3>Talking Heads<br><i>More Songs About Buildings and Food</i></h3>

Hot Stamper

Talking Heads
More Songs About Buildings and Food

  • A wonderful Hot Stamper early pressing of this Talking Heads classic - both sides earned very good grades and play exceptionally quietly
  • The band's Masterpiece - Art School Rock that's fun - a Must Own from 1978
  • Eno produced, Rhett Davies engineered, every track is (psycho) killer
  • 5 stars: "If the band's sound seems more conventional, the reason simply may be that one had encountered the odd song structures, staccato rhythms, strained vocals, and impressionistic lyrics once before. Another was that new co-producer Brian Eno brought a musical unity that tied the album together, especially in terms of the rhythm section, the sequencing, the pacing, and the mixing."
More Talking Heads

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