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<br>Rod Stewart - Never A Dull Moment</i><p>DCC Debunked</p>

Rod Stewart - Never A Dull Moment

DCC Debunked

Sonic Grade: F

A Hall of Shame pressing on Heavy Vinyl from DCC.

We hadn’t played the DCC in a very long time, so we offered a special guarantee for the Hot Stamper pressing we had listed:

Better than the DCC? Some people think so; without both records side by side I can’t say which I would prefer, but this record sure sounds amazingly good to me. Zero distortion! Music in your room!

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Sku # : stewanever_dcc_
Manufacturer : DCC/S&P

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What Exactly Are Hot Stampers?

Product Detail

Never a Dull Moment is a great title when you hear it like this.

We continued:

This original copy has a wonderful sense of ambience; the music rolls out on a bed of air. One of the few rock records with a real room around it. My experience with 180 gram vinyl of late has been so disappointing that I find it very hard to believe this copy would not walk all over the DCC in a shootout. If recent history is any guide it should be no contest. Of course, as an open record, this LP is 100% returnable for any reason. If you own the DCC and like it better than our Hot Stamper here, we will go you one better and refund not only the cost of the record but your domestic shipping as well. This is how confident we are in our boy here. He rocks. I've never played a 180 gram record that rocks like this and I don't expect to any time soon.

Then we played a DCC copy and it really sucked. It was pure muck. A complete disaster. As you can see, we gave it an F and put it on our Hall of Shame.

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