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<br>Steely Dan - Aja</i><p>That Kind of Money Damn Well Better Buy You Amazing Sound!</p></i>

Steely Dan - Aja

That Kind of Money Damn Well Better Buy You Amazing Sound!

This letter of the week comes from one of our long time customers, Gary, who was blown away by the sound of our Aja and Fragile Hot Stampers.

Dropping you a line to tell you that these two albums have four of the greatest sounding sides of music I have experienced.

Last week, when the Thursday mailer came out, I happened to be listening to The Yes Album, your hot stamper. I am astounded every time I play that record. I had no choice but to grab your Fragile HS. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on Aja as well, after shooting out the 4 or 5 copies I have. (I have an older HS of yours, but have misplaced it, or it was in the “good but not great” range).

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The new HS Aja and Fragile blew me away. I often start a listening session with the good intension of documenting the experience for you. I quickly blow that idea off and just start falling into the music. It would take thousands of words to explain the total experience. These two records have a presence and soundstage that put me in the studio (again, like your Sergeant Peppers) or feet from the stage.

In your description of Aja, you commented on Becker’s guitar floating on a bed of cool studio air front and center on “I got the news.” I became more interested and awed at the controlled pressure he was using on the strings with his left hand. The “harmonic” sounds of the notes were completely narcotic. With Fragile, the translucent layering of instruments and their note decay, danced across the room like sparks, making my head swim. At times the soundstage of Fragile extended well over my head.

I am lucky to have a well equipped and tuned stereo and room, but I would give them up in order to hold on to the hot stampers I have collected over the years from you.


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