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<br>Steely Dan's Aja<p>Letters, Testimonials and Commentaries</p>

Steely Dan's Aja

Letters, Testimonials and Commentaries

There are a number of Letters, Testimonials and Commentaries associated with Aja which may be of interest to you. Scroll past the copies currently for sale to read more about Aja, a record we have been playing regularly for more than 35 years (ouch, that makes me feel even older than I already feel).

It's SHOCKING how good this recording can sound when you get a good copy. We could literally spend hours describing what sets the best copies apart from the very good ones, but we've already gone overboard enough with our track commentary, so we will try to keep some of this brief. Although our enthusiasm for this album is out of control, we'll try to keep a lid on it as best we can.

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We Now Return to The Revolution, Which Is Already in Progress

Seriously, what album on the planet is better than Aja? This music belongs in any serious audiophile record collection worthy of the name. As audiophiles we all know that when an album sounds this good, it makes you appreciate the music even more. I never cared all that much for Aja until a few years ago when I discovered just how amazing the most amazing copies could sound.

We had to make quite a few improvements in the system before that reality hit home. The third pair of Hallographs and the EAR 324P phono stage we brought on board in 2007 made a HUGE difference in the sound. Aja is now without a doubt a real DEMO DISC, and I wouldn't want to live without it. It's a THRILL to finally hear this album sound the way it should have sounded, but for various and sundry reasons never quite did.

That's what the Revolutionary Changes in Audio link is all about. If you haven't taken advantage of all the new technologies that make LP playback dramatically better than it was even five years ago, Aja won't do what it's supposed to do. Trust me, there's a world of sound lurkng in the grooves of the best Ajas that simply cannot be revealed without Walker cleaning fluids, the Talisman, Aurios, Hallographs, top quality front ends, big speakers and all the rest. Our playback system is designed to play records like Aja with all the size, weight and power of the real thing. We live for this kind of Big Rock sound here at Better Records. We're prepared to do whatever it takes to play records like this with Maximum Fidelity, secure in the knowledge that a system that can play Aja right can play ANYTHING.

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