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<br>Frank Sinatra - Come Swing With Me!    <p>Our Shootout Winner from 2005</p>

Frank Sinatra - Come Swing With Me!

Our Shootout Winner from 2005

A distinguished member of the Better Records Hall of Fame.

I discovered that some of these later Capitol reissues can really sound good about ten years ago. They're cheap when you find them because collectors don't want them and audiophiles as a whole think that cheap reissues always sound bad. But here at Better Records we don't really deal too much with record collectors per se. We deal with that tiny minority of audiophiles who want real music that actually sounds good. (The majority of audiophiles want Patricia Barber records and they can have her.)

So we love finding great Sinatra albums from his prime recording days that actually sound the way we want them to -- lively and fun.

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Sku # : sinatcomes_2005
Manufacturer : Capitol Records

Product Detail

This means slogging through lots of bad pressings in order to find the gems like this one. Buy hey, somebody's got to do it. I guess it might as well be me since nobody else wants the job.

This Capitol reissue has SUPERB SOUND on side two! Believe me, they don’t usually sound like this. Side one has more of the typical Capitol sound -- kind of midrangy, with some weird artifacts at the top of Sinatra’s voice and a slightly bleached out sound. Had I not flipped it over I would have thought it was just another typical budget Capitol reissue -- better than the CD (which is horrible, by the way) but no match for the real thing.

But side two has the magic. In fact, one of the best sounding songs is That Old Black Magic, followed by a wonderful sounding Lover. But all of side two sounds good. From the very first notes you hear Billy May's colorful arrangments come to life in a way you are very unlikely to have ever heard before.

Day by Day
Sentimental Journey
Almost Like Being in Love
Five Minutes More
American Beauty Rose
Yes, Indeed!
On the Sunny Side of the Street
Don't Take Your Love from Me
That Old Black Magic
I've Heard That Song Before

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