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<br>Dick Schory - Music for Bang, Baa-room and Harp<p>Listening In Depth</p>

Dick Schory - Music for Bang, Baa-room and Harp

Listening In Depth

Another in our series of Home Audio Exercises.

What to listen for you ask? Top end, plain and simple. It's the RARE copy that really has the incredible extension of the side two we heard recently. The space, the clarity, the harmonic complexity -- perhaps one out of ten copies will show you a side two like that.

The highs are so good on this record you can use it as a setup tool. Adjust your VTA, tracking weight and the like for the most natural and clear top end, then check for all the other qualities you want to hear. You may just find yourself operating on a higher sonic plane than you ever thought possible.

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Sku # : schorbangb_depth
Manufacturer : RCA LP

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