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<br>Sonny Rollins - Rollins (2 LPs)<p>Our Shootout Winner from 2008</p>

Sonny Rollins - Rollins (2 LPs)

Our Shootout Winner from 2008

A distinguished member of the Better Records Jazz Hall of Fame.

This Prestige Two-Fer Double LP boasts EXCELLENT SOUND, right up there with some the best sounding copies we’ve played. Three sides out of four sounded surprisingly good, which is three good sides more than the average copy can claim. Oddly enough, the stampers are identical. Sample to sample variation? Fresh off the stamper transparency? Who's to say? I can't explain it, but I know a better record when I play one. This copy is clearly more transparent, no pun intended. It's also been through our extensive cleaning process, which as you can imagine helps the sound immeasurably.

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Sku # : rollirolli_2008
Manufacturer : Prestige LP

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I used to sell it years ago when it was actually in print, and I raved about it then as the best Rollins record around. This compilation brings together much of his most famous and inspired work. I remember playing this record and thinking that almost every track was a standout. Since I'm not the world's biggest Sonny Rollins fan, consider that a very strong endorsement.

If you're in the market for one killer Rollins record, this is the one.

The vinyl plays Mint Minus throughout. The fold-open cover is in pretty nice condition and rates 8 out of 10.


Side One

St. Thomas
Strode Rode
The Way You Look Tonight

Side Two

Tenor Madness

Side Three

Valse Hot
Count Your Blessings

Side Four

Mambo Bounce
Newk's Fadeaway
With a Song in My Heart
No More
When Your Lover Has Gone
Right right-line