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<br>Bonnie Raitt on Heavy Vinyl<p>DCC + RTI = Audio Enervation</p>

Bonnie Raitt on Heavy Vinyl

DCC + RTI = Audio Enervation

The no-longer-surprising thing about our Hot Stamper pressings of Nick Of Time is how completely they MURDER the DCC LP. Folks, it's really no contest. Yes, the DCC is tonally balanced and can sound very good, but it can't compete with the best original pressings. It's missing too much of the presence, intimacy, immediacy and transparency that we've discovered on the better original pressings.

As is the case with practically every record pressed on Heavy Vinyl over the last twenty years, there is a suffocating loss of ambience throughout, a pronounced sterility to the sound. Modern remastered records just do not BREATHE like the real thing.

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Sku # : raittnicko_enervation
Manufacturer : DCC/S&P

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