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<br>Pure Pop for Now People<p></p>

Pure Pop for Now People

To hear the vocal harmonies that these guys produced is to be reminded of singers of the caliber of the Everly Brothers or The Beatles. It's Pure Pop for Now People, to quote Nick Lowe.

Of course, by Now People, I'm referring to people who appreciate music that came out more than thirty years ago. Whenever I hear a pop record with sound like this, I have to ask myself "What has gone wrong with popular recordings during the last two or three decades?" I can't think of one recording of the last twenty years that sounds as good as this Best Of Bread album. Are there any?

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But not to worry. Audiophiles with good turntables have literally an endless supply of good recordings to discover and enjoy. No matter how many records you have, you can't have scratched the surface of the recorded legacy of the last fifty years. That's the positive thought for the day. It's not the end of the world. It's just another step on your journey through the world of music. And we here at Better Records are happy to help you along that path.

One further note. Records like this can only get better. There are no shortcomings in this recording to be revealed by better equipment, in stark contrast to the vast majority of audiophile pressings and remasterings with their phony, lifeless and often just plain weird sound.

If you make a change in your stereo, and this record sound better, you did the right thing.

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