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<br>Prokofiev / Symphonies No. 1 & 7 <p>Seventies EMI Classical LPs and Vintage Tube Playback</p>

Prokofiev / Symphonies No. 1 & 7

Seventies EMI Classical LPs and Vintage Tube Playback

What to listen for on this album? That's easy: The all-too-common '70s EMI harshness and shrillness. We could never understand why audiophiles revered EMI as a label the way they did back the day. I chalk it up -- as I do most of the mistaken judgments audiophiles tend to make about the sound of records, my own included -- to the limitations of the equipment, bad rooms and poor record cleaning.

If you had vintage tube equipment back in the '70s -- McIntosh, Marantz, etc. (I myself had an Audio Research SP3-A1 and a D-75a, later a D-76a) -- the flaws heard on most copies of this record wouldn't be nearly as offensive as they are to those of us playing them on the much more revealing systems that are possible today.

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