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<br>Elvis Presley - From Elvis in Memphis <p>MoFi Reviewed</p>

Elvis Presley - From Elvis in Memphis

MoFi Reviewed

Sonic Grade: B-? C+?

Another MoFi LP reviewed.

I first heard From Elvis in Memphis the way I heard so many albums back in the late '70s and early '80s: on the Mobile Fidelity pressing. I was an audiophile record collector in 1981 and if MoFi was impressed enough with the sound and the music to remaster it and offer it to their dedicated fans, of which I was clearly one, then who was I to say no to an album I had never heard? (Soon enough I would learn my lesson about MoFi's A&R department. The MoFi release of Supersax Plays Bird, a record that had virtually nothing going for it, was the last time I took their advice.)

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Sku # : preslfrome_mofi
Manufacturer : Mobile Fidelity

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