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<br>Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon</i><p>MoFi Reviewed</p>

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon

MoFi Reviewed

Sonic Grade: D- to B+ (depending)

Now that we’ve had a chance to hear scores of the best import pressings of Dark Side, we know -- better than anyone, if I can be so bold -- just how good that record can sound. No MoFi is ever going to compete with one our our White Hot Stamper pressings -- they have energy and rock power that is nothing less than astonishing.

Playing so many MoFi copies this time around made one thing very clear: the average MoFi pressing of Dark Side is really a piece of junk. So COMPRESSED, so THIN, so PHONY in the upper midrange and BOOSTED on the top end. The typical MoFi is as artificial sounding as the average store bought CD. (Or phony audiophile recording by the likes of Chesky or Audioquest.)

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Sku # : pinkfdarks_mofi_debunk
Manufacturer : Mobile Fidelity

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