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<br>Nirvana - Nevermind<p>Stretching Back to 2001</p>

Nirvana - Nevermind

Stretching Back to 2001

DEMO DISC QUALITY SOUND on side two! It’s got the big, uber-punchy, hard rockin’ attitude we demand from a Nevermind Hot Stamper. Side one is no slouch either folks, with A++ sound! Only one other copy had better sound for side one -- THIS ONE ROCKS!

Side two on this Nevermind has MASTER TAPE SOUND. We found the most amazing clarity and transparency on this copy. You will find the sound so rich and full-bodied that at times you'd swear it was tube mastered! Check out the presence to the vocals on side one. The WHOMP factor is out of control all over this pressing.

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Sku # : nirvanever_2008

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Now don't get me wrong: the average copy is still a pretty darn good sounding record. I might even go so far as to say it's better than practically anything recorded during the entire decade of the '90s.

But man, when you've heard this record at its best, there is NOTHING like it. For the true Rock and Roll Audiophile Connoisseur, the man who will settle for nothing but the very best, we humbly offer this Nevermind Verified Hot Stamper, the ultimate head-banging experience.

This is our old commentary, which obviously now applies to only the best copies.

A PERFECT recording, the best of its kind, ever. The drums are perfect. The bass is perfect. The guitars are perfect. The vocals are perfect. Now how in the world could that be, you ask?!

Allow me to explain.

Of course I'm not using perfect in the idealized sense that there is no possibility of improvement. No human creation outside of a mathematical construct can be perfect. What I mean is that this mastering of this recording sounds so right that upon hearing it my critical faculties immediately shut down and are bypassed, allowing the pleasure center of my brain to experience the music directly, just as I would if the band were right in front of me. It's perfect in the sense that while I'm listening to it I don't want anything to change and I especially don't want it to stop. That's the kind of perfection I strive for on this earthly plane.

Loud Levels? As Kurt Would Say, De Riguer Mon Ami!

At the levels at which this record was playing it became a total immersion experience. Who needs four channels when two can sound like this!? After a while I left the room and I had to laugh: my ears were ringing! I told you it was loud! When you feel the need to play your music louder that's a GOOD thing. It's your brain saying "That's working. I like it. Give me more!" Listening at low levels is like kissing through a screen.

Everything Else Sucks

The MOFI gold CD sucks. The Simply Vinyl LP sucks. The original domestic LP sucks. They are all thin, bright and consequently harsh -- utterly inappropriate for music like this that requires prodigious amounts of bass. This import is the first and only version that sounds the way it should: PERFECT. (I don't own an Anadisq to audition. The chances of MOFI mastering this record properly are pretty small in my admittedly prejudiced opinion.)

And don't you find it curious that the best of the rock bunch from 2001 is on thin vinyl?

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