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<br>Record Myths, Canards & Flat Out Misunderstandings</p>

Record Myths, Canards & Flat Out Misunderstandings

Click on the link below to read about some of the widely held beliefs about records that we believe are not well supported by evidence. "Evidence," as we are using the term, is simply our evaluation of the sound we heard from the records that we’ve critically auditioned in our Hot Stamper Shootouts.

In these commentaries we present the evidence we've gathered contradicting the theories, rules of thumb and guidelines that audiophiles and record collectors have adopted to help them in their pursuit of better sounding records.

We prefer to think of these erroneous beliefs as Myths, Canards and Misunderstandings. Not unlike the superstitions of the past and present, the audio world is overflowing with them.

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We have a number of entries in our original equals better series, in which we debunk the conventional wisdom regarding which are the best sounding pressings for specific artists and titles.

Here are some commentaries on a subject near and dear to all of us, namely Record Collecting.

The entries linked here may help you gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding Hot Stampers.

And finally we'll throw in this old warhorse discussing How to Become an Expert Listener, subtitled Hard Work and Challenges Can Really Pay Off.

Because in audio, much like the rest of life, hard work and challenges really do pay off.

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