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<br>Joni Mitchell - Clouds <p>Our Shootout Winner from 2008</p>

Joni Mitchell - Clouds

Our Shootout Winner from 2008

A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

The clarity and transparency on this ALL-TIME CHAMPION for Clouds allow the raw emotion of Joni’s performances come through like never before.

The intimacy of the recording is simply breathtaking. You have not begun to hear these songs with this kind of realism and power unless, like us, you've cleaned and played scores and scores of copies and have lucked into that one freakishly good side one that sounds like you just threaded up the master tape and hit Play.

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Sku # : mitchcloud_2008
Manufacturer : Reprise LP

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Product Detail

The best sounding copies of Clouds are the ones that put Joni and her guitar right there in your living room. The copies with veiled vocals really don't allow the music to come to life, and the copies where her voice is too forward sound unnatural and overly hi-fi. It takes an exceptional copy to strike a balance and put both the voice and guitar right between your speakers, not under a blanket or too "in your face."

It's Tough To Get Joni Sounding Right

We needed to find the right cleaning technologies to get Clouds to sound right, just as in the case of Blue and Ladies Of The Canyon. Our best copies got much quieter after applying some of our new cleaning techniques, and the sound became even warmer, richer, sweeter and more transparent.

In 2005 we tried to explain why it is practically impossible to find good sounding copies of Blue, and those comments apply equally well to Clouds:

The main reason it's so difficult to find a good sounding pressing of this record is that most copies have a tendency towards hardness, shrillness and aggressiveness. There is a great deal of mid to high frequency information in this recording, and the problems arise when you take all that energy and try to stamp it into a piece of mass-produced cheap domestic vinyl. If the vinyl wasn't good on the day they pressed the record, it doesn't matter how good the mastering is. The result is grain. Grunge. And since Joni pushes hard in her upper registers on many of these songs, it's enough to make you leave the room.

That's on the copies that are mastered right! The copies that are mastered with thin and aggressive sound to start with can only get worse. Those are the rule, not the exception.

The best copies bring out the breathy quality to Joni's voice, and she never sounds strained. They are sweet and open, with good bass foundation and transparency throughout the frequency range.

The All-Time Champ

Everything you could ask for from this album is here on this copy: stunning clarity and transparency, breathy vocals, richness, sweetness, warmth, and tons of ambience. Check out the clear transients on the acoustic guitar -- you can really hear her moving her hands around the fretboard and pulling on the strings. The immediacy is mindblowing -- Joni and her guitar are right there in the room with you, but not forced into your lap.

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