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<br>Led Zeppelin III<p>Proof that Jimmy Page Was a Brilliant Producer</p>

Led Zeppelin III

Proof that Jimmy Page Was a Brilliant Producer

The startling resolution and transparency found on the best copies of Zep III let you hear every element in the huge soundfield that Jimmy Page designed for his recordings. They allow you to appreciate every carefully placed instrument and the remarkable sonic detail to be discovered as each track unfolds.

The size, space, energy and clarity of the hottest Hot Stamper copies are surely what make possible a more profound appreciation of the singular effort that went into these recordings. Along with the kind of Master Tape Sound found on the best pressings comes a deeper appreciation of the remarkable skills of one of rock's true production geniuses, Jimmy Page.

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Ultimately the ability to hear into the music is what gives you, the listener, a greater understanding of it and, consequently, more enjoyment of it. One reason these commentaries tend to be overly enthusiastic is that once you've heard a pressing that sounds as good as the best copies of the album can sound you can't help but be much more emotionally involved in the music.

When the sound gets better it's the music that really gets better. That's Audio 101, the raison d'etre for the expensive and finicky equipment we all own.

When the sound gets to the top levels, when the sound gets that good, the music practically becomes a drug. Want to take a trip? Drop the needle on a top copy at the start of That's The Way or Since I've Been Loving You. Jimmy Page created a world of sound for you to inhabit -- you likely won't be coming back to earth for a while.

Zep Unplugged

The two Zep albums with out of this world acoustic guitars are Zep III and Houses. (III is currently on our Top 100 List but Houses would have just as easily made the cut.) The guitars are every bit as rich, tubey, sweet, delicate and harmonically correct as those found on Tea For the Tillerman, Rubber Soul, Comes a Time or any of the other phenomenal recordings we rave about on the site. (Our Top 100 is full of others if you want to check them out.)

Of course without the right pressing you would never know that. Later copies, Classic Records copies, typical domestic and import copies -- none of them are going to sound like this one. We guarantee it.

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