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<h4>White Hot Stamper</h4><h3>John Klemmer<br><i>Touch</i></h3>

White Hot Stamper

John Klemmer

  • With a stunning Triple Plus (A+++) side one and a solid Double Plus (A++) side two, this is an outstanding copy of the best MoFi title to ever hit the site - exceptionally quiet vinyl too
  • Musically and sonically this is the pinnacle of Klemmer's smooth jazz - we know of none better
  • The best sounding Smooth (But Real) Jazz Album ever made, and the only vintage MoFi we know of that deserves a place in your collection
  • "Klemmer sets up the mellow grooves that we have come to associate with smooth jazz. But there are no cliche blues licks, none of the crap that players in this genre try to foist upon as "hip.""
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