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<br>Jellyfish's Bellybutton and Direct Metal Mastering<p>How Big Is Your Sample Size?</p>

Jellyfish's Bellybutton and Direct Metal Mastering

How Big Is Your Sample Size?

The problem with the typical copy of this record is gritty, grainy, grungy sound -- not the kind that's on the master tape, the kind that's added during the mastering and pressing of the record. When that crap goes away, as it so clearly does on side one of the copy we played recently, it lets you see just how good sounding this record can be. And that means REALLY good sounding.

While during the shootout I had completely forgotten that all the domestic pressings of Bellybutton are direct metal mastered. (The import pressings are clearly made from copy tapes and are to be avoided.) It was only afterwards, when looking for stamper variations, that I noticed the DMM in the dead wax .

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