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<br>Coleman Hawkins and Clark Terry - Back In Bean’s Bag<p>Classic Records Reviewed</p>

Coleman Hawkins and Clark Terry - Back In Bean’s Bag

Classic Records Reviewed

Sonic Grade: B

Another Classic Records LP reviewed.

We're not the least bit embarrassed to admit we used to like their version very much, and happily recommended it in our catalog back in the day.

Like many Classic Records, the master tapes are so good that even with their mediocre mastering -- and pressing: RTI's vinyl accounts for at least some of the lost sound quality, so airless and tired -- the record still sounds great, at least until you get hold of the real thing and hear what you are missing.

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Sku # : hawkibacki_classic_records
Manufacturer : Classic Records Heavy Vinyl

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What do you get with Hot Stampers compared to the Classic Heavy Vinyl reissue? Dramatically more warmth, sweetness, delicacy, transparency, space, energy, size, naturalness (no boost on the top end or the bottom, a common failing of anything by Classic); in other words, the kind of difference you almost ALWAYS get comparing the best vintage pressings with their modern remastered counterparts, in our experience anyway.

The Classic is a nice record, a Hot Stamper is a MAGICAL one.

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