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<br>Coleman Hawkins and Clark Terry - Back In Bean’s Bag<p>Reviewed in 2006</p>

Coleman Hawkins and Clark Terry - Back In Bean’s Bag

Reviewed in 2006

A distinguished member of the Better Records Jazz Hall of Fame.

Columbia 360 Label. A Jazz Primer if there ever was one! If you don’t get jazz this album will get it for you. There is simply not a false step or false note to be found anywhere on this recording.

This record has a magical midrange, like so many Columbias. It's a little rolled off on the extreme highs. If you have any way of boosting your top end, you can make this record really sing. As it is now, it's still quite good, just a bit more mellow than I know it should be.

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Sku # : hawkibacki_2006
Manufacturer : Columbia Records

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