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<br>Grieg / Peer Gynt Suites / Fiedler (LSC 2125)<p>Reviewed in 2008 </P>

Grieg / Peer Gynt Suites / Fiedler (LSC 2125)

Reviewed in 2008

A distinguished member of the Better Records Orchestral Music Hall of Fame.

Red Seal pressing with EXCELLENT SOUND!

Fiedler is wonderful here, which is to be expected. What's unusual about this Red Seal is how good the sound is. It's extremely transparent and tonally correct. It sounds to me like a flat transfer. Some tubey colorations would be nice, especially in the louder passages. The sound also lacks a bit of weight in the bottom end. But these faults are mostly made up for by the tremendous clarity and freedom from distortion that this pressing has. I doubt if the Shaded Dog has those qualities.

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Sku # : griegpeerg_2125_2008
Manufacturer : RCA LP

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