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Lowell George - Thanks I’ll Eat It Here

Listening in Depth

Presenting another entry in our extensive Listening in Depth series with advice on what to listen for as you critically evaluate your copy of Thanks I’ll Eat It Here.

"Lowell's style is so distinctive and his performances so soulful, it's hard not to like this record if you've ever had a fondness for Little Feat. After all, it's earthier and more satisfying than any Feat album since Feats Don't Fail Me Now and it has the absolutely gorgeous "20 Million Things," the last great song George ever wrote."

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Sku # : georgthank_listen
Manufacturer : Warner Brothers LP

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In-Depth Track Commentary

Side One

What Do You Want the Girl to Do?

Bonnie Raitt had a go at this one, which is a personal favorite of mine from Home Plate. I give Lowell's version high marks here as well, slowed down and more in the groove.

Honest Man

A top track, very Little Feat circa Waiting for Columbus with that fabulous horn arrangement.

Two Trains
I Can't Stand the Rain

Side Two

Cheek to Cheek
Easy Money

A certain Miss Rickie Lee Jones debuted with this one, but I think Lowell puts her to shame with his slinky take on a two-bit con. (The bit about loosening a shoulder strap is a bit odd coming from The Fat Man in a Bathtub but I got past it. It even adds a certain charm to the song when you stop to think about it.)

20 Million Things
Find a River
Himmler's Ring

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