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<br>Ella Fitzgerald - Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie<p></i>Classic Records Debunked</p>

Ella Fitzgerald - Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie

Classic Records Debunked

Sonic Grade: D (at best)

There is no reissue, and there will never be a reissue, that will sound as good as a good original of Clap Hands. The Classic Heavy Vinyl Reissue is a disgrace; I would rather play the CD.

Long time customers know that I have been raving about this album from way back in 1990 or so - ever since I first heard it in fact. I consider it the finest female vocal album in the history of the world. I could go on for pages about this music. Suffice to say this is a record that belongs in every human being’s record collection.

Just not the Classic Records pressing of it.

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Sku # : fitzgclaph_classic_records
Manufacturer : Classic Records Heavy Vinyl

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The reason for this is simple: we've gone through the all-too-often unpleasant experience of comparing them head to head with our best Hot Stamper pressings.

When you can hear them that way, up against an exceptionally good record, their flaws become that much more obvious and, frankly, that much more intolerable.

This is Ella's Masterpiece as well as a Desert Island Disc for yours truly.

What qualifies a record to be a Masterpiece needs no explanation. We will make every effort to limit the list to one entry per artist or group, although some exceptions have already occurred to me, so that rule will no doubt be broken from time to time. As Ralph Waldo Emerson memorably noted, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds..."

For a record to come to my Desert Island Disc, that record:

1) Must have at some time during my fifty years as a music lover and audio hobbyist been played enthusiastically, fanatically even, over and over, causing me to feel what Leonard Bernstein called "the joy of music;"
2) My sixty-something-year-old self must currently respect the album, and;
3) I must think I will want to listen to the music on the album fairly often and well into the future (not knowing how long I may be stranded there on the island).

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