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<br>Bob Dylan - The Times They...<p>...jaw-droppingly good, and with quiet vinyl to boot... </p>

Bob Dylan - The Times They...

...jaw-droppingly good, and with quiet vinyl to boot...

This letter comes from one of our best customers, our good friend Owais, who dropped us a line after he received his latest shipment of tasty Hot Stampers including a mono ’The Times They Are A-Changin’ and ’Bridge Over Troubled Water.’
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Hi Tom,

Just a quick word on the last set of records that I received a couple of days ago, safe and sound. Have to agree with you - that mono of Dylan's 'The Times Thay Are A-Changin' really is jaw-droppingly good, and with quiet vinyl to boot as well!

As for Simon & Garfunkel's 'Bridge Over Troubled Water', I have bought quite a few copies of this LP and, to my ears, nothing sounded as good as the Classic reissue... that is, until I got your Hot Stamper. Again, you got this one spot-on. The Classic just doesn't come close in terms of warmth and tonality.

All the best,

Owais, thanks for your letter. We love beating Heavy Vinyl pressings, especially the good ones! Both those titles are quite well-mastered, and that's precisely why we carry them. Classic and Sundazed are each responsible for a world of bad sounding LPs, but every once in a while they get one right, and those they got right, all things considered. But of course, as we never tire of pointing out, the real thing just can't be beat, and the real thing is almost always an old record (and almost never a new one; seems like that should be the logical corollary, and by golly it is).

As for Bob, we were knocked out by that mono copy. We dropped the needle on side one and our jaws hit the floor -- we'd never heard a Bob Dylan record sound so warm, rich, and sweet.

Columbia 360 Mono Mania

I was actually a big fan of the Sundazed Mono, but this has more of that tubey magic, richness, and overall naturalness that you find on old records, qualities that seem to be sorely lacking on even the best 180 gram remasterings. MOFI also did this title and ruined it in the process (shocker!).

I just don't think you could make this record sound any better than it does here. Everything you could want from this music is here: wonderful clarity, mindblowing transparency, clearly audible transients on the guitar, texture to the vocals, full-bodied acoustic guitar sound, and so on.

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