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<br>The Doors - Morrison Hotel<p> Rhino / Universal Heavy Vinyl Debunked</p>

The Doors - Morrison Hotel

Rhino / Universal Heavy Vinyl Debunked

Sonic Grade: D (at best)

Hall of Shame and another Heavy Vinyl LP debunked.

A few years back we played the 180 gram reissue of Morrison Hotel. Initially we thought it pretty good, but the longer it played, the more its artificiality became apparent -- and annoying. Just listen to the vocals -- they're all wrong. Jim Morrison has one of the richest and most distinctive voices in the history of rock. When it doesn't sound like the guy I've been listening to for close to forty years, something is very, very wrong.

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Sku # : doorsmorri_debunk
Manufacturer : Rhino

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The best Hot Stamper copies are nearly always the earlier Big Red label copies. There's substantially more tubey magic on these pressings; the typical Butterfly Label copy lacks a bit of the weight that the older cutting equipment allowed. The best Butterfly Label copies can be pretty darn good though.
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