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<br>Deep Purple - Made In Japan<p>Live and Learn</p>

Deep Purple - Made In Japan

Live and Learn

This is a classic case of Live and Learn. What we had to say below about Made in Japan back in 2006 is just plain emabarrassing.

"This is a very nice looking EMI British Import Double LP that plays Mint Minus. This copy sounds tonally correct and pretty lively. The DCC may be better but it’s a LOT MORE MONEY I haven't played that record since it came out years ago so who's to say."


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Sku # : deeppmadei_2006
Manufacturer : EMI

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AMG Review

Recorded over three nights in August 1972, Deep Purple's Made in Japan was the record that brought the band to headliner status in the U.S. and elsewhere, and it remains a landmark in the history of heavy metal music... By stretching out and going to extremes, Deep Purple pushed its music into the kind of deliberate excess that made heavy metal what it became, and their audience recognized the breakthrough, propelling the original double LP into the U.S. Top Ten and sales over a million copies.

More Reviews

The response from critics was favorable. John Tiven, writing in Rolling Stone said "Made in Japan is Purple's definitive metal monster, a spark-filled execution..."

Subsequently, a readers' poll in the magazine declared the album to be the sixth best live album of all time, adding the band have performed "countless shows since in countless permutations, but they've never sounded quite this perfect."

Recent reviews have been equally positive. Rock author Daniel Bukszpan claimed the album is "widely acknowledged as one of the greatest live albums of all time."

Goldmine magazine said the album "defined Deep Purple even as it redefined the concept of the live album."

Deep Purple author Dave Thompson wrote "the standing of Deep Purple's first (and finest) live album had scarcely diminished in the quarter-century since its release."

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