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<br>Deep Purple - Machine Head</i><p>180g Rhino LP Debunked</p>

Deep Purple - Machine Head

180g Rhino LP Debunked

Sonic Grade: F

A Hall of Shame pressing.

I’m guessing that very few people have ever heard this record sound good. The average copy is nothing special, but this one is a boring, lifeless mess so save your money.

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Sku # : deeppmachi_debunk
Manufacturer : Rhino

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Our Heavy Vinyl Scorecard

Product Detail

Rhino Records has really made a mockery of the analog medium. Rhino touts their releases as being pressed on "180 gram High Performance Vinyl." However, if they are using performance to refer to sound quality, we have found the performance of their vinyl to be quite low, lower than the average copy one might stumble upon in the used record bins.
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