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<br>Debussy - Iberia (Images Pour Orchestra)<p>Classic Records Debunked</p>

Debussy - Iberia (Images Pour Orchestra)

Classic Records Debunked

Sonic Grade: F

A Hall of Shame pressing and another Classic Records LP debunked.

The Classic of LSC 2222 is all but unlistenable on a highly resolving system. The opacity, transient smear and loss of harmonic information and ambience found on Classic's pressing drives us right up the wall. Who can sit through a record that sounds like that? Way back in 1994, long before we had anything like the system we do now, we were disparaging the "Classic Records Sound" in our catalogs.

More of the music of Claude Debussy

Sku # : debusiberi_2222_classic_records
Manufacturer : Classic Records Heavy Vinyl

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With each passing year -- 21 and counting -- we like it less.

The Classic may be on Harry's list -- sad but true -- but that certainly has no bearing on the fact that it's not a very good record.

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