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<br>Debussy / Iberia - Reiner<p>Reviewed in 2005</p>

Debussy / Iberia - Reiner

Reviewed in 2005

A distinguished member of the Better Records Orchestral Music Hall of Fame.

This is a wonderful sounding Shaded Dog pressing. Side two is especially dynamic.

This has long been considered one of the Living Stereo triumphs. The spaciousness and tonal correctness is legendary.

This copy does not have the prodigious bass of some that I've heard. The Classic reissue has plenty of deep bass, but it's shrill and hard and altogether unpleasant, so the better bass comes at a steep price.

Sku # : debusiberi_2222_2005
Manufacturer : RCA LP

Product Detail

This copy plays M- most of the time -- it's actually very quiet. The tape hiss is frequently louder than the surface noise. But with so many quiet passages, there's little to obscure the quality of the vinyl of the day.
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