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<br>Cream - Goodbye<p>Some of the Best Live Rock Sound Ever Recorded</p>

Cream - Goodbye

Some of the Best Live Rock Sound Ever Recorded

When you get a good side one of Goodbye you'll hear exactly why we are calling it one of the Best Sounding Live Rock Albums of all time.

Goodbye has the Big Rock Sound that we go crazy for here at Better Records. The top copies just plain ROCK HARDER than all the others. Yes, they're bigger. Yes, they have more weight and whomp down low. Yes, they are smoother and more natural up top. But what really sets them apart is the tremendous Energy they contain in their grooves. The music EXPLODES out of the speakers and comes to life on the best copies like practically nothing you have ever heard.

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Sku # : creamgoodb_2016
Manufacturer : Polydor LP

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