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<br>David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust </i><p>MoFi Debunked</p>

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust

MoFi Debunked

Sonic Grade: C-

The MoFi pressing is decent, probably better than the average domestic copy I suppose. The colorations and the limitations of their cutting system make it painful for me to listen to though, especially the sloppy bass. Compressed too. You can do worse but you sure can do a lot better.)

MoFi did two of the greatest Bowie albums of all time, Ziggy and Let's Dance, and neither one can hold a candle to the real thing. If you want to settle for a pretty poor imitation of either or both of those albums, stick with your MoFi. If you want to hear the kind of Demo Disc sound that Bowie's records are capable of, try a Hot Stamper.

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Sku # : bowieziggy_mofi_debunk
Manufacturer : Mobile Fidelity

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Another Half-Speed Mastered Audiophile Pressing Debunked.

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