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<br>Bizet / Carmen / Gould  <p>Reviewed in 2006</p>

Bizet / Carmen / Gould

Reviewed in 2006

A distinguished member of the Better Records Orchestral Music Hall of Fame.

DEMO QUALITY SOUND, if what you're demonstrating is the three dimensional quality of Living Stereo recordings. Amazing depth and width can be heard on this record. And the music is sublime.

I confess I somewhat misjudged this title. Yes, the opening is compressed, which led me to think that the entire record was compressed, but that's not true. In some ways it's quite dynamic. The quiet portions are very quiet; in a couple of places there are just horns playing off in the deep distance, followed by some flutes, and they sound very natural, just as you would hear them in a concert hall.

More of the music of Georges Bizet (1838-1875)

Sku # : bizetcarme_2437_2006
Manufacturer : RCA LP

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This record has one quality that sets it apart, and that is a tremendous sense of depth and a wide soundstage. Because so much of the music is quiet, and seems to be coming from so far back in the hall, you really get drawn into it, and lose the sense of being in your own living room. There are a couple of exciting climaxes, but for the most part this is fairly quiet music the way Gould has orchestrated it. I find it enchanting.

This is not the Power of the Orchestra. This is the Color of the Orchestra.

This 1S copy is the best I've heard. This record looks brand new and plays about as good as one would expect from the RCA vinyl of the day, which is slightly ticky. I've never heard a quieter copy.

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