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<br>The Beatles - With the Beatles<p>The Early Pressings Are the Best, Right?</p>

The Beatles - With the Beatles

The Early Pressings Are the Best, Right?

Nope. It’s just another Record Myth.

So many Parlophone copies would have you think With The Beatles is a gritty, edgy, crude recording -- especially if you made the mistake of buying an early pressing. The early pressings are consistently grittier, edgier and more crude than the later pressings we played.

So much for the old canard that Original Always Equals Better. When it comes to With The Beatles it just ain't so, and it doesn't take a State-of-the-Art system or pair of golden ears to hear it.

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The bulk of the audiophile community may have trouble recognizing the faults of the early Beatles pressings, but we here at Better Records are doing our best to undermine their faith in these all-too-common myths and misperceptions, one Hot Stamper LP at a time.

This is a tough album to get to sound right, as long-time readers of our site surely know, but on a good copy it can sound wonderful. This one really delivers, with plenty of presence and energy as well as natural, balanced tonality.

Recent Commentary for a Very Hot Copy

We've heard copies that were smeared, murky, muddy, grainy, or all of the above. Almost all of them had no real magic in the midrange. And of course, we heard tons of copies with the kind of gritty vocals that you'll find all over the average Parlophone Beatles pressing. So when we dropped the needle on this copy, it was nothing short of a revelation. It has the energy and the life of the music in the grooves in a way I guarantee you have never heard before.

Here are the rare sides that prove this album can sound wonderful. Both sides have stunning clarity and transparency, lots of extension up top, well-defined bass, unbelievable immediacy, and so much more.

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