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<br>The Beatles - With the Beatles   <p>Our Shootout Winner from 2008</p>

The Beatles - With the Beatles

Our Shootout Winner from 2008

A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

Here’s a BIG one for you Beatles nuts... the first A+++ / A+++ copy of With The Beatles to ever make it to the site!

MASTER TAPE SOUND AND QUIET VINYL ON BOTH SIDES! This is one of the toughest Beatles albums to get to sound right, as long-time readers of our site surely know. That's why we haven't listed a Hot Stamper for this album since late 2006 -- we just can't find them!

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Sku # : beatlwitht_2008
Manufacturer : EMI Parlophone Import LP

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We've heard copies that were smeared, murky, muddy, grainy, or all of the above. Almost all of them had no real magic in the midrange. And of course, we heard tons of copies with the kind of gritty vocals that you'll find all over the average Parlophone Beatles pressing. So when we dropped the needle on this copy, it was nothing short of a REVELATION! It has the energy and the life of the music in the grooves in a way I GUARANTEE you have never heard before.

One Magical Copy!

After years of searching, here's the rare copy that proves this album can sound WONDERFUL. We've heard copies with one stunning side before, but none of them were as consistently amazing as this one. Both sides have stunning clarity and transparency, lots of extension up top, well-defined bass, unbelievable immediacy, and so much more. There's DRAMATICALLY less grit to the voices on this Hot Stamper pressing than we hear on copy after copy we play. Looking for the best sound? Try Til There Was You on side one and You Really Got A Hold On Me on the flipside.

How 'Bout The MoFI?

The Mobile Fidelity pressing for this album has so many problems it would take an hour to describe them all. Suffice it to say, it's thinner, brighter, the voices are grainier, and the overall effect is the sinking feeling that you are listening to a cheap reissue and not the real thing. Don't the Beatles sound better than this? To be fair, some tracks are okay, others are a disaster.

If you own the MOFI, play it. Listen to it critically. Make notes of which songs sound better than others and why. That's what we do around here all day, and that's how I have learned to listen critically in order to evaluate the relative merits of each of these pressings.

One of the biggest problems with the average Parlophone copy is just the reverse of the MOFI. They tend to have rolled off highs, which emphasizes the harshness in the upper midrange and causes a loss of transparency. (This Hot Stamper copy of course is as smooth, sweet, and transparent as they come.) Even with those shortcomings though, I would still rather listen to a typical Parlophone pressing. I wouldn't be frustrated by the sound of somebody fooling with the EQ and screwing it up.

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