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<br>MoFi Mastering Variations<p>Will the Real Sgt. Pepper Please Stand Up?</p>

MoFi Mastering Variations

Will the Real Sgt. Pepper Please Stand Up?

This can be a pretty good sounding MoFi when it’s mastered by the right guy.

Say what? Yes, dear reader, this album was mastered by two different engineers at Mobile Fidelity, and one of them did a much better job than the other.

This copy, which is far more rare by the way, has the better mastering -- much less top end boost was added. As an aside, I used to like the other version better, but as I’ve gotten older and wiser, I realize that this pressing is superior, being noticeably less phony sounding, more like a good Parlophone and less like the typical Mobile Fidelity album.

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Sku # : beatlsgtpe_mofi
Manufacturer : Mobile Fidelity

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This copy will sound better than the vaunted UHQR, in my opinion. That one has the same top end boost.
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