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<h4>Hot Stamper</h4><h3>The Beatles<br><i>Revolver</i></h3>

Hot Stamper

The Beatles

  • Excellent Hot Stamper sound on both sides - full and musical with energy and tight bass - quiet vinyl too
  • Guaranteed to beat the original, the Heavy Vinyl (mono or stereo), the Half-Speed - you name it, this copy will beat it
  • A Better Records Top 100 title, one that many consider the Greatest Rock Album of Them All
  • 5 stars: "The biggest miracle of Revolver may be that the Beatles covered so much new stylistic ground and executed it perfectly on one record, or it may be that all of it holds together perfectly. Either way, its daring sonic adventures and consistently stunning songcraft set the standard for what pop/rock could achieve."
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The Spirit and Enthusiasm of the Musicians


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