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<br>The Beatles - Beatles For Sale <p>Our Shootout Winner from 2009</p>

The Beatles - Beatles For Sale

Our Shootout Winner from 2009

A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

MASTER TAPE SOUND ON SIDE ONE! We feel Beatles For Sale is a criminally underappreciated album, and a killer copy like this will show you exactly why. The startling presence and immediacy allow the emotional qualities of these lovely songs to really come through. The clarity of the vocals is going to blow you away. No matter what copy you’ve been listening to, I’m completely confident that this one will slaughter it. We play a ton of these every year, but there’s a good reason you don’t see too many of them hit the site -- most of them bore us to tears.

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Sku # : beatlforsa_2009
Manufacturer : EMI Parlophone Import LP

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