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<br>Chet Atkins - Chet Atkins In Hollywood <p>Our Shootout Winner from 2007</p>

Chet Atkins - Chet Atkins In Hollywood

Our Shootout Winner from 2007

A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

This Minty looking RCA Victor LP has an AMAZING SIDE TWO backed with a great side one. Side two is full of the tubey magic that’s missing from the Classic Records version and it has a wonderfully extended top end. Side one lacks some of the top end extension found on side two but the first track has that tubey Nashville sound that we love here at Better Records. The rest of the side is pretty damn good as well.

Harry Pearson put this record on his TAS List of Super Discs.

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Sku # : atkininhol_2007
Manufacturer : RCA LP

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Product Detail

AMG 4 1/2 Star Rave Review!

If the cover of At Home evokes the 1950s, the music on In Hollywood IS the 1950s: a warm, cozy, sophisticated album of mood music in the best sense. Yet this is not an album of film music (though a handful of film themes turn up). Rather, it is exactly what the title indicates: Chet Atkins recording an album in a Hollywood studio, as opposed to the familiar haunts of Nashville. Here, he places his often affectingly lovely guitar licks in front of full, lush, sometimes inspired string arrangements by Dennis Farnon. Sometimes, Atkins appears all by himself, caressing "Estrellita" before the strings kick in, and his fingerpicking technique appears on a piquant treatment of "Armen's Theme" (originally a pre-Chipmunks hit for Ross Bagdasarian aka David Seville). Farnon is particularly good when he hooks onto a lush string motif and repeats it seductively on the "Theme From Picnic" or follows Atkins's guitar in a broad, surpassingly lovely treatment of Fats Waller's "Jitterbug Waltz" — the two most gorgeous tracks on the record. For some, this record might fall under the category of guilty pleasures, but a pleasure it is, one of the great make-out records of its time.


Armen''s Theme
Let It Be Me
Theme from "Picnic"
Theme from a Dream
Jitterbug Waltz
Little Old Lady
Terry Theme from Limelight
The Three Bells
Santa Lucia
Meet Mister Callaghan

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