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<br>Chet Atkins - Class Guitar <p>A Great Sounding Dynagroove Record from 1967</p>

Chet Atkins - Class Guitar

A Great Sounding Dynagroove Record from 1967

Having played dozens of Chet Atkins titles over the last few years, we can say with confidence that sometime in the mid-'60s the quality of the sound becomes somewhat more hit and miss with each passing year. But it was always hit and miss before then, just less hit and miss. The man was making three or four albums a year back then. They can't all be good.

So, in the world of Chet Atkins (and recording artists the world over), it's win a few, lose a few. This, we are happy to report, is one of the clear winners. I doubt any of his other albums from 1967 sound as good as this one. (One day we will surely find out.)

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