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<br>The Moody Blues Discography</p>

The Moody Blues Discography

Go Now! (a.k.a. The Magnificent Moodies) (1965)
Days of Future Passed (1967)
In Search of the Lost Chord (1968)
On the Threshold of a Dream (1969)
To Our Children's Children's Children (1969)
A Question of Balance (1970)
Every Good Boy Deserves Favour (1971)
Seventh Sojourn (1972)
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The Moody Blues Commentary and Overview

-- A public service brought to you by Better Records.

Moody Blues records have a marked tendency to sound somewhat murky and muddy; that’s obviously the sound these guys were going for because you hear it on every album they released.

Compound their sound with bad mastering, bad pressing or bad vinyl -- not to mention vinyl that hasn’t been cleaned properly -- and you will find yourself trying to wade through an impassable sonic swamp. With anything but a Hot Stamper the result is going to be sound so fat, thick, and opaque that it will confound any attempt you might make to hear into it.

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